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A Tribute to Dorien Thomas

On the 19th October 2012, Welsh actor Dorien Thomas would have been 56. Dorien played Skull Jones in the BBC Wales comedy High Hopes. "During the 80s and 90s he was one of the most iconic faces on Welsh and English tv and a valid member of the Pobol y Cwm cast’. Nic Thomasmothers in mind

Dorien lends his voice and talent to this poignant work written and sung by Ruthie Thomas. Mothers in Mind gives voice for those mothers who do not receive a Mother’s Day card -who do not celebrate Mother’s Day but ‘lock away in the quiet room to cry…’ Heart piercing reflections are expressed through the example of Mary, mother of Jesus.

The work is held in the Ty Cerdd, Cardiff Central Music Libraries and Pontypridd Museum. It is also available for lending at Pontypridd and the afore mentioned music libraries.

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