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Brass Seminar

howard snell bach

10:00, Japan Room, Wales Millennium Centre, 07/06/2014

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Howard Snell: "Have I got the talent?"

Howard Snell is a former Principal Trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra and was a Professor at the Royal Academy of Music. His music career spans soloist to conductor and brass band musician to composer. He has former students in almost all of the major British Orchestras and many in Europe and Asia.

Find out from Howard Snell the techniques of practice and application to the art which make players great! How do they do it? Sports scientists can find no physical differences between athletes of Olympic standard and moderate athletes. The only difference is that the great athletes think about their event all the time, mentally rehearsing every element, time and time again. And so it is with playing. Have I got the talent? Howard Snell has developed an approach to playing which makes the most of any player's individual talent. So successfully direct are his techniques, that they are applicable to all brass instruments. In fact, the principles he outlines are common to all musical performance.

"I love teaching in all its forms. It is a sacred trust to be asked if you can make a difference to the course of someone’s life, not by bossing them around and telling them what to do, but by drawing out their own musical responses with simple questions - but not too simple"

Howard Snell has family roots in Gwent and he is looking forward to being here with us in June:

"It will be very good to be in Cardiff. Last year Cardiff Singer of the World ‘blew us away’. We knew we had heard in the winner, a musician of a magnitude on the Richter Scale of 9 or 10. We had heard a singer with a multitude of colours in her voice, inflections in her tone … innumerable tones … and perfectly pitched approaches to her wonderfully chosen music. Revelation piled on revelation."

What has this got to do with brass players, I hear you ask? Nothing at all if you are happy with the Charles Atlas kick-sand-in-their faces kind of instrumental demonstration all too prevalent in modern brass performance. If however the expressive possibilities that are revealed by different musicians from different genres shines a searchlight on other fascinating ways of doing things can that be other than good? Find out in Howard Snell’s fascinating session full of insight.