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Tŷ Cerdd supports the right of access of all people in the local and wider community to the enjoyment of music-making, and the prime motivation of its work is to realise the musical potential of the individual within, and collectively through, music-making. It supports the right of every child and young person to have access to this experience within a safe and caring environment. Tŷ Cerdd seeks to be environmentally friendly through measures that include car-sharing, efficient monitoring and use of office resources, use of information technology, and re-cycling.

In accordance with Tŷ Cerdd’s Welsh language policy, all public material is produced bilingually. Virtual, spoken and written communication in the Welsh language from and to the Tŷ Cerdd office is facilitated when requested through Welsh-speaking staff members.

Tŷ Cerdd continues to be aware of legislation applicable to data protection act, copyright, licensing, etc, and in particular child protection issues, ensuring that all members of staff dealing with young people hold a CRB disclosure form and (when introduced) the enhanced disclosure form.

Tŷ Cerdd policies relating to the above are available to download here, or hard copies can be requested from the Tŷ Cerdd office.

All policies were amended May 2013.